Paris art exhibition pays tribute to the African-American artists

  What role did art play in the quest for equality and the affirmation of black identity in segregated America? The exhibition pays tribute to the African-American artists and thinkers who contributed, during a century and a half-long struggle, to blurring this discriminatory “color line”.   As record numbers of visitors’ flock to the new…


Triple Brando


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The Iconic Marlon Brando triptych with a beautiful IKB (International Klein Blue) Background. . .. . Made famous by Yves Klein. The colors are extremely pleasing to the eye, and a great addition to any art collection for home, office or restaurant!

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Warsaw 1976 – Mr Bigg Makk 

“Warsaw 1976” This piece features Ian Curtis from the band Joy Division.  The silhouette is a subtle reminder that he killed himself in 1980.  When he started the band with Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner in 1976, they called themselves Warsaw.   For whatever reason they changed their band name to Joy Division.  Before their …


Art piece from Mr Bigg Makk featuring Ian Curtis from Joy Division