Lipstick on a Pig: Local Artists Paint the Interstate 70 Viaduct

This weekend, urban artists took to the streets to paint a stretch of aging Denver infrastructure. With only a limited amount of life left, the I-70 viaduct now has a splash of color, adding beauty to a steel and concrete beast.

The stretch between Brighton Boulevard and York was closed on Saturday for this event. There were multiple booths


My boy Surj the artist doing his thing in Denver!  Check his mural of Bronson on the right…sick!!!!

Slideshow – Surj | Official

Denver may not have seen any snow, but there’s been a flurry of street art around the city. In fact, the metro area is buried in great graffiti and murals — large and small, intimate and extravagant, chic and downhome. We found that Surj is one of the best street artists in Denver that people are just starting to learn about.