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Denver may not have seen any snow, but there’s been a flurry of street art around the city. In fact, the metro area is buried in great graffiti and murals — large and small, intimate and extravagant, chic and downhome. We found that Surj is one of the best street artists in Denver that people are just starting to learn about.


Where The Space Buffalo Roam


Where The Space Buffalo Roam is a mixed media by Surj LA which was uploaded on March 31st, 2016.   The mixed media has colors ranging from ultramarine to gamboge and incorporates starry night, modern starry night, and gold foil design themes.

where the space buffalo roam

Where the “Space” Buffalo Roam. A new vision on an infinite classic Van Gogh’s Masterpiece “Starry Night.” In this painting, we have a couple of Buffalo roaming to their destination “unknown.” An empty road, leading to the furthest reaches of the universe. A multi-layer stencil with plentiful colors. This is a nice addition for the serious and the adventurous collector! Hope you enjoy!


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