“Chin Up” – Surj | Official

Denver Street Art 2016 Here is a great snap of the 40 ft. Mural ‘Chin Up’ by Denver based artist SURJ, part of the ‘Duct work’ project underneath I-70. The mural is meant to represent battle tested spirit of the community that surrounds the area. With the bold, striking colors, the image is both potent …

Source: www.surjart.com

Surj – Modern Art infused with Street Graffiti

Stumbled upon Surj’s new website!  Sick…We talked to him a while back when he was art blogging.  Dude seems to be legit now with some nice mural work in Denver.  Still a fan!  

Source: www.surjart.com

Some amazing street art has been popping up all over in Denver this year.