Lipstick on a Pig: Local Artists Paint the Interstate 70 Viaduct

This weekend, urban artists took to the streets to paint a stretch of aging Denver infrastructure. With only a limited amount of life left, the I-70 viaduct now has a splash of color, adding beauty to a steel and concrete beast.

The stretch between Brighton Boulevard and York was closed on Saturday for this event. There were multiple booths


My boy Surj the artist doing his thing in Denver!  Check his mural of Bronson on the right…sick!!!!

Triple Robocop | Warhol Homage Silkscreen Art | Robot Art

Artwork title: Triple Robocop; Artist name: Surj; Date created: 2017; Classification: painting; Medium: Silkscreen. Robot Art and Pop Art


Sweet homage to Warhol from Surj called Triple Robocop.  Robocop was the futuristic movie from the 1980’s starring Peter Weller.  It was a look at a super-cop that was basically a cyber human.  The movie was ahead of it’s time and a fun look at the “future of law enforcement”.