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I Alone – A funky new abstract and urban art piece where colors abound. Has a nice homage feel of Jean-Mich Basquiat while bringing a fresh punchy voice.


New piece from Surj the Artist titled “I Alone”. Seems like a piece focused on the colors but pain of being alone is coming out.

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Why Warhol?

An unlikely, yet, possibly seemingly person. . .. Although, Not particularly much of . . . Anything. At first glance. A wig? Odd hair? Odd glasses? Eccentric? Soft Spoken? So why? Why and how did Andy Warhol come to change the landscape of Fine Art, and ultimately define what Pop Art is? Sure, there is Lichtenstein. Jasper Johns . . . Robert Rauschenberg . . . And I’m sure . . . Others. But, let’s be honest . . …. Did any of these OTHER artists get you off? When you saw art, and did your own bit of recon (because you were now newly minted into the art world) did any of these other artists get you off? In the pleasure zone? I doubt it. Lichtenstein. Sure. He had his own bit going on. But invariably, like EVERYONE, you landed on Warhol. His prints. His images . . . Etc.

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Happy 105th Birthday Jackson Pollock


Today is the 105th birthday of Jackson Pollock.  Some of his art pushes some people’s definitions of art because they do not see it as a representation of anything they recognize.  Fortunately, the definition of art is not if someone can see a red barn on a grassy hill in it.  His art elicits emotions, questions and wonder; it draws the viewer in, blurs the periphery and creates a pure experience.  The world is a better place because he was in it and still feels the loss that he has left.

NAME: Jackson Pollock
BIRTH DATE: January 28, 1912
DEATH DATE: August 11, 1956
PLACE OF BIRTH: Cody, Wyoming
PLACE OF DEATH: East Hampton, New York
FULL NAME: Paul Jackson Pollock
REMAINS: Buried, Green River Cemetery, East Hampton, NY

BEST KNOWN FOR: Famous 20th century artist Jackson Pollock revolutionized the…

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