Stoner Joe Rogan on Bigfoot, Legalizing Marijuana, and Other Mind-Blowing Insanities

Kush Worlds - The Stoner

We’ll probably never find Bigfoot, but if we do, I think we should send Joe Rogan to make initial contact. Worst-case scenario, the Jiu Jitsu black belt can try and defeat the Squatch, maybe breaking an arm before getting ripped to pieces by the giant ape. Best-case scenario, the two will get real high together and talk about space on the first ever interspecies podcast.

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Like Bigfoot, Joe Rogan is hard to identify. Is he a comic, a fighter, a TV host? He’s all of those and more. Rogan’s been doing standup since the 80s, practicing martial arts since he was 13, and making one of the most popular podcasts on the planet for the last four years. He has hosted NBC’s Fear Factor, he’s the commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and he just wrapped up a season of his new SyFy show, Joe Rogan Questions Everything.

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