Junior Seau had “burning headaches”

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Even as far back as the early 1990s, during the initial years of Junior Seau‘s brilliant two-decade NFL career, the linebacker would complain to his then wife Gina of searing headaches.

“When he would come home from games, he would go straight to the room,” Gina told Showtime’s “60 Minutes Sports” in an episode that airs this week. “[He’d] lower the blinds, the blackout blinds, and just say, ‘Quiet, my head is, is burning.'”

After Seau retired in 2010, his children slowly watched their dad’s famously charismatic personality grow distant. He began slipping away from them. The post-NFL life they all envisioned became a nightmare.

“I saw a man that right before my eyes [was] changing,” son Tyler Seau said. “He wasn’t that happy-go-lucky guy anymore.”


Family members of Junior Seau attend a ceremony to retire Seau’s No. 55 jersey in San Diego. (AP)

“It was hard,” daughter…

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