Sundance Film Festival 2014

You and Me, Dupree


It was nicer in Park City – bright sunshine, temperatures just at freezing or above – than in New York, where an impending winter storm caused Delta to cancel our outbound flight, which was scheduled to take off just after a pretty big snow dump. (We wound up getting a foot and our later flight put us into Park City almost half a day late, so we missed our first two movies; our hosts donated the tickets to the needy.) It’s probably foolish to suggest trends when you see barely a tenth of what’s offered, but foolishness has never gotten in my way before, so here’s what I noticed this year:

There Was Lots Of Music. In five of the 17 flicks I caught, and at least six that I missed, music was the central binding thread: the whole raison, not just a scene or two. Since indies take a while to make…

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